National Fiber and Copper provides VoIP solutions for Federal and commercial organizations in MD< DC, and VA, as well as nationwide.


Convenient and Cost Effective

Communication is an essential part of today’s world. National Fiber and Copper makes it easy for you to communicate by providing professional Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services to small, medium, and large commercial businesses and federal organizations in the DC, Maryland, Virginia areas.

Our VoIP systems are designed to improve productivity by simplifying your current communication setup and reducing costs with innovative and cost effective voice and data solutions.The versatility of our systems allows you to easily make calls from your office lines, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. We make it easy for you to manage and configure your VoIP network to meet your business’ needs.

VoIP Installation, Cabling, and Maintenance in DC, VA, and MD.
❯ Racks and patch panels
❯ Wire management
❯ Fiber optic fusion splicing
❯ Cable infrastructure installation
As your service provider, we’ll establish a strong, secure connection within your online portal. However, just like any form of technology, not everything works as intended. Our certified technicians are experienced and trained to resolve any issues that occur with your VoIP service.


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